A mugshot of Larry's reference

Larry Muller is an antagonist in the mod.


Larry was born in 1994/1995 in San Fierro. He moved to Barberville at a young age and went to high school with Liz, Kane, Todd, Trey, and his best friend Cunt. Sometime in high school, he dated Liz, mostly due to the fact that she was German. They broke up after a few months when they got caught sexting, and although Liz could forget about him, Larry couldn't. Larry then developed a deep hatred for Liz on the side of running a white supremacist video rental store, eventually stalking her and harassing her online before the events of the game.

Larry is a Neo Nazi who leads a small time group in Barberville, consisting of his best friend Cunt and many other Neo Nazis. Much like the majority of Neo Nazis, Larry shows signs of anti-semetism, racism, homophobia, white supremacism, and xenophobia (the later is debatable, however, considering his great love for Germany). In accordance to that, he calls everybody he dislikes a "nigger", regardless of who they are, what race they are, or how he knows them.


  • Larry drives a Regina and owns a white supremacist video store.