Martin in his fatigues

Martin Lewis Jr. is a friend of Neil Myall in the mod.


Martin Lewis Jr. was born in 1969 in Norfolk, Virginia. His family emigrated from the southern states in the 1930s, where they had been working at cotton plantations for decades.

His father fought in the Vietnam War and he, following that starting military tradition, enlisted in the Army too. He was sent to the 82nd Airborne Division in Ft. Bragg, where he met and befriended Neil. In addition, he gained interest in survival tactics, which he used to put into practice in the forests surrounding the base. Unlike Neil, and as consequence of a injury that suffered in a parachute jump training exercise, Martin was transferred into the National Guard and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.

In 1998 he alleged to have seen many UFOs, and in 2002, thinking that a Chinese nuclear attack was coming soon, left his wife, who didn't want to believe him, and fled to the mountains. However, two months later, and after unsuccessfully trying to survive in the wilderness, he moved back to the civilization, specifically to Warsaw, where he rented a self storage unit hoping that it could resist the nuclear blast and moved there.


Martin is a paranoid conspiracy theorist, spending his days surrounded of weapons and watching survival TV shows and football games, waiting for the day the nuclear attack and UFO invasion comes. He is also a hermit, opting to stay in and be alone, rather than to get out. Despite this, he is capable of leaving his home and visiting Neil, either at his apartment or at Neil's workplace.


Martin's appearance in-game is based heavily off of Kirk Lazarus in the movie "Tropic Thunder". He wears an M65 coat which is left open, revealing a black UFO undershirt, along with ratted blue jeans and combat boots.

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