The exterior of Neil's apartment building


The floorplan of Neil's apartment


Dimensions for Neil's apartment

Neil lives in an apartment located in the "Arbor Hills Apartments" complex. He lives in a one bedroom apartment (Walkthrough found here) that is outfitted with the following:

Living RoomEdit

  • Neil has a flatscreen TV on a stand. One level of the stand has a DVD player, and the other level has a collection of DVDs.


  • On the counter, there is a group of culttered pizza boxes and chinese takeaways
  • On the breakfast bar, there is a laptop which can be used
  • Neil's refridgerator has lots and lots of clutter on it, such as pictures of Neil and his friends, paperwork, shopping lists, and so fourth.


  • Neil's dresser has a number of scaled down train models from San Andreas along with an Injuns poster hanging over it.

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