The floorplan for the top story of Neil's house


The exterior of Neil's house

Neil's House is the primary safehouse in the game.


Neil Myall and his family live in a split level house located on Rennes St. in West Barberville. The house has many rooms that are fitted with the following:

Living/Dining RoomEdit

  • There are two sofas and one armchair, as per the reference photo. The coffee table, however, has a good deal of clutter on it, most of them coming from coffee table books relating to trivial and mundane topics, such as "Danish Crop Circles" and "George Carlin's Vintage Car Collection".
  • The sliding door in the dining room opens out to a patio deck.


  • There is a bottle of liquor in the kitchen that Neil can drink from.

Neil's RoomEdit

  • There is a basic desk with a computer near the bathroom door.

Todd's RoomEdit

  • Todd's Room could resemble Jimmy's room from GTA 5, except for the posters being related to rave/techno music and the TV being smaller.

Neil's Office (smallest bedroom)Edit

  • Backed up against the wall next to the door, there is a desk with a map on it. There is a laptop computer on the desk.
  • Next to the window, there is a brown leather chair facing the record collection,. Next to it, there is an upscale end table with an ashtray on it.
  • In the middle of the room, there is a 4x8 model train layout. There is a small train circling the layout whenever the player interacts with it.


  • The Garage is located underneath the house. Neil's Nebula spawns here, along with an Angel bike.