The Raver Soundsystem logo made by S13

Raver Soundsystem is a radio station in the mod. It plays techno music and is broadcasted out of digital underground.


Permission from the original mixer to use the mixes


  • Innerspace - Cortex Thrill
  • Woops - DJ Bountyhunter
  • Powerfull Impact (Evil remix) - Evil Maniax
  • Terradome - Wedlock
  • Roots Of Culture - Predator Vs Wedlock
  • The Tower - Wedlock
  • Ganjaman - Wedlock
  • I'm The Fuck You Man - Wedlock
  • One Day... - Wedlock
  • Ruffneck (Sounds of the Drum & Bass) - Wedlock
  • Happy Vibes - The Scotchman
  • Boom Boom Boom - Paul Elstak
  • Life is Like Dance (Bodylotion remix) - Paul Elstak
  • We'll Delete the Weak (Demolition mix) - Renegade Static
  • Technophobia - Bass Reaction
  • This Mutha Fucka (Equazion Part 4) - Q Tex
  • Hardcore Disco Part II - Bass X
  • Euphori-K - DJ Toks

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