Run Through The Woods is a mission in the mod.


  • Win the race


Neil walks up to the gas station and finds Lis, Mike, and Kane standing around, eating corn dogs. Neil stands next to them and joins them as they have a conversation

Lis: And I'm telling him "get the fuck off my street" and you know what he says? He says no, so I'm waiting in the bushes, right? He walks by and out of nowhere-

Lis turns around and notices Neil

Lis: What're you doing here?

Neil: Remember what I was saying about moonshine and stuff, how you guys were gonna help me and stuff?

Kane: Yeah?

Neil: Yeah, eh...I'm gonna need a driver to move the product around, and I was wondering if you guys were any good with cars.

Kane: Lis is good with a car.

Lis: *Same time as Kane* I'm good with a car.

Neil: Cool, cool. Anyway, I'm wondering I get the whole thing up and running, if you'd like to do the driving for me.

Lis: Like a bootlegger?

Neil: Exactly, yeah! I'm gonna be crunching the numbers and other bits of the business, I'm gonna need help with the actual brewing so-

Neil points at Mike & Kane

Neil: -if you two wanna help, I can pay you guys for it. You too, Lis, I could pay you and stuff.

Lis: So lemme get this straight, you come over here, out of...fucking nowhere, ask us if we wanna help your moonshine thing, and expect us to say "yes"?

Neil: I'll pay you though, split the profits right down the middle.

Lis looks at Kane and Mike, who both shrug. She then looks at Neil

Lis: Alright, I'll do it for you, but first I wanna see how you drive.

Neil: What?

Lis: I wanna see how you drive. Ever race before?

Neil: You wanna race?

Lis: Can't be that bad. I mean, if you run your truck up a tree and it explodes into a giant fireball, I guess it'll give me more incenative to drive so whatever you're paying me for don't go up in smoke.

Neil: Yeah...alright, lets do this.

Neil walks over to his truck as Lis walks to her car

The player gains control of Neil. The player is instructed to beat Lis in a race around the rural part of the map

The player wins the race

Mission passed. After passing the mission, Neil gets a phone call from Lis

Lis: Alright Neil dude, you beat me at my own game so that's pretty cool. If you need a driver, you can count on me.

Neil: Sounds good, I'll let you know when I need you, right?

Lis: Right on, laters.

Mission Passed

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